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Discover tools that will inspire you as you navigate real-life problems.

You love the Lord but sometimes feel disconnected from your relationships and life. You may be functioning well on the outside, but something is missing. You are ready for more.

What is Clarity+Courage Coaching?
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Are you feeling stuck in the same old routine, lacking excitement and joy?

Do you struggle with discipline and self-control, unable to follow through on your intentions?

Are your relationships suffering, leaving you feeling disappointed or frustrated?

Are you seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life but don't know where to start?

Do you find yourself buffering emotions with distractions like food, shopping, or social media?

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions above, you could benefit from Clarity+Courage.  

You have read books, listened to podcasts, or joined Bible Study groups, but it seems there is a disconnect between learning and actually applying the knowledge to your life.

To create sustainable change, you have to do the heart work. Securing a solid mentor and support system, engaging tools you can readily access, and a consistent framework for applying knowledge allows you to prioritize growth.   

If we haven't met yet... 

My name is Jill Lillard, and for nearly 25 years, my passion has been helping people navigate their desires, emotions, and relationships. 

I created The Happiest Lives Coaching Programs for Christian women  who want to:


think better. 

feel better. 

live and love better. 


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, and Life Coach, I believe my purpose is to point others to a more intimate, satisfying, and genuine relationship with Jesus. 

What better place to deepen our walk with Him than in our most challenging endeavors-- feelings, relationships, and pursuing what God has called us to do?


I offer a fresh and uplifting approach for dealing with REAL problems without sacrificing authenticity.  

As your coach, I will teach you the process of Heart Scanning, providing you with a paradigm and tools that will help you implement results you are thankful for.

And the best part? We do it together.  Whether you join us on LIVE calls or watch the replays, you will meet other women growing and learning alongside you.  

I will be a strong mentor showing you the way.  If you are tired of confusion, overwhelm and playing it safe, its time for Clarity+Courage. 

Inside clarity+courage you'll get...

Practical and inspiring content, including a vault of past courses, to make your life better than it was before we met.

Access to Jill on LIVE Coaching Calls where you can ask anything and get coached by a seasoned professional.

A Christ-centered perspective without offering trite solutions.

New actionable short lessons, worksheets and a Scripture Study each month that you can put to work.

An opportunity to process, share and connect with other women inside The Worksheet Workshop. 

Inside Clarity+Courage, I provide a pathway for approaching your problems and feeling better. 

 We use the framework and process of Doing A HEART SCAN

We EXPOSE by bringing what is hidden into the light, including our thoughts, feelings, and ways of relating. No more pretending.

We RENEW by examining the impact of our thought life, deciding if our thoughts are serving us, and then asking what else is possible.  

We ENGAGE by leveraging our emotions as an invitation to authentically experience the presence of God, coming as we are. 

We PRESS ON despite our unwanted emotions, knowing we are meant for more.  


As you begin to understand how your inner world will impact your actions and results, you will be motivated to slow down, become more aware, and thoughtfully choose what changes to make.

Stepping into our identities of being daughters of the King, we separate our true selves from our fallen natures. 

Relying on The Holy Spirit to lead and transform us by cooperating with His will, we participate in God's divine purpose for our life.  

Are you ready to experience greater wholeness, joy, and purpose-filled and powerful living? 

Do you want to love well from a place of having all you need? 

Are you ready to live with greater Clarity+Courage, surrounding yourself with incredible support?

If you said 'YES,' click the button below and let's get started!

Clarity+Courage does not require you to spend a ton of money or time. When you join at $49, you get immediate access to everything. You will be billed once a month and can cancel anytime. Though you get access to an entire vault of tools, you get to decide how much time to invest each month.


  • How does billing work and can I really cancel anytime?
    You get access to everything in the vault the day you join and will then be charged $49 once a month.

    As long as you are a member, you will be locked into the price you joined, even if I raise my rates. If you decide to cancel and then rejoin, it will be at the current rate.

    And, YES, you can really cancel anytime! If you want to discontinue the program, send me an email. I will cancel your billing, and you will be removed from the product the day you cancel.
  • How much time is required to participate?
    You get to decide how much time you want to invest as there is a vault full of past concepts and call replays to access.

    There are 2 hours of new calls each month, and you can expect to devote 30-90 minutes to new concepts in self-study.

    I recommend making a decision about when you will do this work and putting it on your calendar. Many of the participant's report including the lessons in morning quiet times.
  • What are the components of this program?
    Clarity+Courage includes a combination of self-study/application and LIVE calls.

    ✅Each month, a new concept will unlock inside www.myhappyvault.com. You will get a login for the program and can save it to your home screen to create an app-like experience, making it easy to access.
    ✅ For each new concept, you will get worksheets to help you apply what you are learning and a Scripture Study that you can use to expand your study.
    ✅ Once a month, we will meet for LIVE Coaching with Jill. You can attend this call or watch the replay. You can volunteer to be coached or watch as an observer. You can get a lot out of watching someone else get coached.
    ✅Once a month, Coach Stephanie will facilitate The Worksheet Workshop. This is where you can process your worksheets with other women and a coach. It is a great way to connect in a structured but genuine setting.
    ✅When you join, you get immediate access to The Clarity+Courage Vault, where you will find a library of concepts, worksheets, and call replays.
  • When are the LIVE calls?
    Currently, coaching calls with Jill are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7am PT|8am MT| 9am CT|10am ET. Calls are 1 hour.

    The Worksheet Workshop is the 4th Tuesday of each month with Coach Stephanie at the same time of day.

    Replays are available for all calls.
  • What are some of the concepts/classes I can find in the vault?
    ⭐️Hard Conversations Made Easy
    ⭐️4 Steps To Overcome Overwhelm
    ⭐️Believing New Thoughts
    ⭐️Master The Talk Table To Invite Better Conversations
    ⭐️How to Deepen Understanding So You Can Move Past Gridlock
    ⭐️Compromise Like You Love Each Other
    ⭐️Making Up After A Fight: Slowing Down, Repair Attempts and Moving Forward
    ⭐️Money Mindset
    ⭐️How To Get Things Done
    ⭐️2-Step Process for Experiencing Anxiety, Worry & Fear
    ⭐️Desire, Wanting & Having
    ⭐️Other People's Models: Stay In Your Lane So You Can Love Better
    ⭐️When You Are Tired, In A Funk or Ready to Quit
    ⭐️Stop Being Confused
    ⭐️Get Over Your Past
    ⭐️Are You Having Fun Yet?
    ⭐️Cultivating Emotional Intimacy
    ⭐️Discover Your Purpose-filled Life
    ⭐️Planning Your Personal Spiritual Retreat
    ⭐️Supercharge Your Mornings
    ⭐️How To Feel
    ⭐️Discernment & Decisions
    ⭐️Effectively Reroute and Redo Conversations Using The Heart Scan
    ⭐️Becoming Who You Already Are
    ⭐️How To Have A Happy Life
    ⭐️Better Conversations
    ⭐️Being & Doing
    ⭐️Relationship Foundations
    ⭐️The Heart Scan Process
    ⭐️5 Worthy Transformations
    ⭐️The Surrendered Self
    ⭐️How To Get Your Relationship Back On Track
    ⭐️Thinking About What You Are Thinking About

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